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Untill SUNDAY 16.00 hrs! Jan Grootoonk, the marathon specialist of the north

Written by Team TopPigeons - 10/11/2017

Jan Grootoonk, the marathon specialist of the north

Jan Grootoonk is a fancier of the extreme long distance. He started in 2004 with the afternoon releases and has participated over the last few years with a small amount of pigeons in the international flights and that has gone wonderfully. In 2016 he won two absolute top prizes with 3de national Pau and the 28ste national Marseille. In 2017 a 42ste national Agen and what do you think of the 188ste Barcelona at that distance.

Jan offers 20 young pigeons for sale from his best pigeons.



It starts with lot 1 and 2. That is two true direct out of Marnix with the Late Snelle. Marnix is a true Jellema from the well known lines of the fondkoppel and Kiara, a daughter of Zwart Goud and 02 hen.

De Late Snelle comes from Benno Kastelein. Bred from Snelle Arjan, a son of Snelle Jelle, with a daughter of Orion.

Children out of Marnix won a 5de, 7de and a 12de national. A chance out of thousands, especially when we consider that the top pigeons of Jellema and Beens can be found in the lineage.


Lot 8 and 9 are children out of Blauwe Lynx. The Blauwe Lynx is now one real top breeder. Also in the 2nd generation they are flying teletekst positions, Bennie Homma knows all about it.

The Blauwe Lynx was bred by Appie Pas, a son of the absolute foundation pigeon of Appie, a full brother of Princes 26, the golden Barcelona pigeon.

The Blauwe Lynx is paired to “Isla”. A daughter of “Jason” with a daughter of the “896”, the absolute teletekst breeder of Jellema.

Who doesnt want pigeons who can fly at the real front.


Lot 10 is a daughter of the 3de national Pau winner of 2016. Miss Sophie is the pigeon who accomplished this piece of art.

She is a daughter of Nygel with Desire. The Nygel comes out of the famous couple Livay with Daisy.

The sire is Jesse, a pigeon from Cees Nijdeken, in which many top lines are present. EA brother of New Dream of Arjan Beens and an inbred product to Rika, mother of Miss Gijsje, you can still call the top of the Netherlands.


And do you want a child of Nygel yourself? Lot 3 is a daughter of him. He was paired with Sabine, a young breeding hen from the best of Jellema lines, in which the 896 of 2005 is central. This 896 also plays an important role in lot 8 and 9.


Top quality from performance pigeons, the auction season starts well.

A special offer on TopPigeons.


Good luck on your choice!!!!

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